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House (Padova, Italy)

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Berny's Top 10

Berny's top 10 tracks on Satellite July 2011

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He started his career in 1998 when he moved from Rome to Padova. He quickly got a personal style mixing & composing different music styles. His music is at the crossing of House and Deep Techno with strong Acid and Funk influences, and now he's considered amongst the Top of the new wave of Deep/Tech Djs in Italy as long as he keeps himself away from the commercial trend of the today Italian House scene. Over the past two years BERNY had the kind of impact usually reserved for inbound meteors, the reason for which is buried in a ground swell of genre-defying appreciation and support. This personal approach, married with 6 years production experience that takes influence from Jazz, Funk, Techno, and, in particular, Deep House means he now boasts some of the world’s most prestigious collaborations on his ever-expanding CV like ones with Robert Owens, Kruse & Nuernberg, Spiritchaser and the full support from Richie Hawtin and Marco Carola for the smash hit "Shplatten" that rocked all Summer Festivals in 2010. Back to this 2011 things look just as bright as BERNY in 2011 will sign new works and collaborations with world's prestigious Labels and Djs. BERNY is also increasing his international touring with already full schedule for few months ahead, including dates with well known Marks such as BARGROOVES and MADE IN ITALY IBIZA.

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Track Title Artists Label Release Date
Release Title Remix Genre Share
Art The Energy Feat MJ White Oscar P & Rocco Open Bar Music 06/28/11 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
The Energy (Includes Rocco Remix) Rocco Vision MIx Deep House
Berny: Berny's #1 pick
Scott Richmond: This is a track that has incredible layers with the most RE-DUNK-U-LOUS breakdowns that will set the floor on fire. Disco flavor with a chunky tech house feel.
Sandy Turnbull: Sandy's #4
Berny: Berny's #2 pick
Fer Ferrari: what can i say?
Berny: Berny's #3 pick
Berny: BERNY Chart Dec '11 #3
Berny: Berny's #4 pick
Art Bring Joy Back Feat. DLayna Greg Stainer and Oscar P Open Bar Music 07/05/11 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Check Ibiza Sessions 2011 Berny Remix House
Berny: Berny's #5 pick
Berny: Very proud of this remix i did..
Art Backroom Buziness Audiofly Soulfooled 07/02/10 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Check Backroom Buziness / Formula Superlounge Remix Tech House
Fer Ferrari: i played a lot this track, perfect to dance floor.
Berny: Berny's #6 pick
Art Where You Are Vincenzo Dessous Recordings 05/20/11 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Check Wherever I Lay My Head Album Version Deep House
Fer Ferrari: sexy and lovely like as always.
Berny: Berny's #7 pick
Sleepy & Boo: One of our favorite and most consistent labels with another deep dancefloor groover.
Dino Michael: Love this track!
Berny: Berny's #8 pick
Art Marathon Namito Kling Klong 03/21/11 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Check Marathon Martin Eyerer Remix Tech House, Techno
Mark Bee: Kling Klongs at it again, for me, this is a great label for getting the night going if you usually play a little harder, Martin Eyerer on the duties here, well produced!! Sure to get em going!!!
DJ Skeet: Martin is part of the old Electribe/Mutekki crew, quality always.
Berny: Berny's #9 pick
Art Brightness BERNY Open Bar Music 11/14/10 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Visit Brooklyn EP Original Mix Deep Tech House
Berny: Berny's #10 pick
Berny: BERNY Chart Dec '11 #10