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Electro Breaks (Pittsburgh, US)

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Summer Sizzlers

some track that make me wanna Bounce

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BASSLINES SO HARD THEY MAKE YOU WANNA SLAP YOUR MOMMA. J-Me Brings you her grimy bass-heavy wobbly U.K. Electro-House, Funky Fidget, a splash of Dutch, and a nice taste of funky breakbeats,that are sure to make the whole party jump. The energy she brings is more then kinetic, when she touches the decks make sure you stand back cause its sure to blow your ear drums out. In December of 2005, J-me moved to Pittsburgh from Glasgow, and now residing stateside. She locks it down for the crazy yanks, who love to hear her one of a kind style and see her energetic mixing as they bump it on the dancefloor. She Also now has a show on Digitally Imported's Electro House Channel, called "The Bass Drop" You can tune in and listen every other Tuesday at 2pm EST. She plays herself and also features a variety of special guests from around the globe. The girl knows how to throw a party too, She has actively been promoting and throwing large scale events in the burgh for the last 5 years.Her massive events have included heavyweights from all over the globe. Her main inspiratons areDefunkt!, WonK, Jack Beats, Calvertron, Afrojack, Hijack, and Fake blood. Some of her affiliations include: B.A.D Ass, Sinister Movement, Legions of Dance, Sunset til Sunrise, Rebirth Productions, Fresh Decade, Ice Cold Productions, Sisters of Sinister, GLO Productions. It has been a busy year for Miss J-me, This girl gets around and plays hard every time. She has played all over the east coast, showing up in Columbus, Pittsburgh, Morgantown, Virginia, Ohio, NYC and Philidelphia.

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Fidget House



Track Title Artists Label Release Date
Release Title Remix Genre Share
Art Roller Coaster SpekrFreks Kiez Beats 04/06/12 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Check Roller Coaster Original Mix Electro House
J-Me: I dig this :D
Art Moon Roller Electric Soulside Burn The Fire Records 05/02/11 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Check Moon Roller Remixes Santiago & Bushido Remix Disco House, Techno
J-Me: Woop Woop :D
Art Drug With Audio Original Mix Brady Simma Records 05/02/11 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Check Dirty Words EP Electro House
DJ Tranzit: Banger!
J-Me: Hott!
DJ Knowledge: Tom Moroca's "Hello" and now "The Reason" are proving him to be another hot producer from the Peak Hour camp. I've been listening to this guy for a minute now. Keep watching this space ...!!
J-Me: I really dig the drop in this track and the vocals
Noya: This is very well produced, watch out for peak hour music that is shaping up to be a really serious label. Watch out for them.
J-Me: nice :D
Art Snap Back SHAX, Doc Trashz SHAX TRAX 05/28/12 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Check Snap Back Hijack Da Bass Remix Electro House
J-Me: any track about naked bitches im all about :)
Art I Want Your Love Jan Waterman Remix Fast Foot, Alex Kidd (USA), Chris Lockley Sick Slaughterhouse 05/28/12 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Check Sick Slaughterhouse Presents Its Exclusive Mixes Vol 3 Electro House
DJ Knowledge: Jan Waterman is back again. He is crushing it right now with remixes and originals. Telling you straight, watch this guy. Chris Lockley and Alex Kidd and Fast Food give you a great electro house banger here!
DJ Knowledge: Jan Waterman you bastard! No really, the guy is just nasty at everything. I look for his music. Prolific and producing just absolute bomb after bomb! Alex Kidd, Fast Foot and Chris Lockley bringing out their usual signature slamming electro house from the Sick camp. No surprise the track is damage!
J-Me: hopp! the drop in this is sick
Art Breakfast Of Champions Lazy Rich Big Fish Recordings 05/14/12 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Check Breakfast Of Champions Original Mix Electro House
M!$$Y J: filth, big bass lines and melodic breaks
J-Me: HOT!
J-Me: love this
J-Me: I love grindy electro
DJ Knowledge: "Drop It" brings in a classic old skool sample with a nice staccato synth rif that is subtle throughout and really comes in nice during the break. Crunchy techy percs and percussion make this an angry little beast