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Tech House (Brooklyn, US)

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Movement DEMF Stormers 05/11

Some bangers for late spring early summer. Detroit ready!!!

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Brooklyn, NY during the mid 90's, hip hop's golden era was winding down, the NYC rave scene was just beginning to descend from its peak, the "big clubs" were still around and outlaw parties took place every weekend... This is where Justin Schumacher first developed his love for EDM and was influenced by labels like Drumcode, Code Red, Hybrid, Planet Rhythm, Svek, Primate, and Primeveil. Justin's love for electronic dance music eventually landed him a job working at New York City's legendary Satellite Records which was a Mecca for DJs around the NYC area. He embraced his new surroundings and absorbed the wide selection of new releases and back catalogues of the world's best record labels. Within a year, Justin was DJing the cream of the crop of Manhattan's underground techno parties, earning himself a reputation as somewhat of a prodigy and a respected up and comer in the ever changing club scene. After receiving his certification in Audio Engineering in 2004, he jumped into the studio with respected tech house producer Ara Krikorian (aka Agent Orange) and co-produced a number of tracks for Ara's label Gotham Grooves. Shortly after, Justin focused his productions on hip hop (as alter ego Logik Proof) and began working on several projects with long time friends/partners from the hip hop realm, but still remained DJing. Presently Justin is working on a slew of upcoming releases and his first solo EP to be released on B-Perfect recordings based out of Argentina.

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Track Title Artists Label Release Date
Release Title Remix Genre Share
Art Diablo Dubfire Vs Oliver Huntemann Cocoon Recordings 05/06/11 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Check 11 Years Cocoon Recordings Selected Remix Works Carlo Lio Remix Techno
Mark Bee: Carlo Lio remixes some of cocoons jams over the last decade!! Sick work!!
Steve Prior: Carlo is a dear friend, so happy for his success. This is just nasty... Bravo Carlo!
Mark Bee: Carlo Lio remixes Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann!! Sick tune!!
Justin Schumacher: Toronto native does it again!!! Heavy deep and moody grooves. My favorite doing it right now.
Nigel Richards: Deeeepness!
Justin Schumacher: BOMB!!!!! This is absolute dancefloor destruction.
Art Near Sight Justin Schumacher Gotham Grooves 05/12/11 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Check Near Sight Justin Schumacher Orig Mix Tech House
Justin Schumacher: *cough* some up and coming producer from NYC ;) dropped a pumpin original with equally storming remixes from Agent Orange NYC, Becka, Noa & Aldo, Kenny Summit
Art Kick 1 Kick 3 Timo Maas Rockets & Ponies 04/18/11 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Check Kick1 Kick3 Remixes Maetrik Sexy Remix Techno, Tech House
Aldo Hernandez: Maetrik turns it out on this one noisy long vibe of the highest order.
Justin Schumacher: Never fails to murder the floor. More so than anything else I play. Maetrik still remains one of the most consistent in the game. This tune is hard and dark yet funky and groovy.
Art Chaos Theory Alec Chizhik & Markus Mehta Kling Klong 04/18/11 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Check A Kind Of Kling Klong Vol 3 Rino Cerrone Remix Techno
Mark Bee: Rino Cerrone rocks Kling Klong with his trademark sound!! Sick!!
Mark Bee: Stop the shit already!! Rino Cerrone lands on Kling Klong and destroys it!!
Justin Schumacher: Hypnotizing roller from Naples finest. Peak hour pumper!!!
Emmanuella: A techno gem from last year that sounds better than ever
Art Chicago In Mind Hermanez Suara 04/11/11 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
The Year Of The Cat 2011 Mix Tech House, Tribal House
Justin Schumacher: Subby chunk funk from Hermanez. Still bringin that gold for 3am
Justin Schumacher: These guys are killing shit enough on their own. Together they drop this absolute banger. Did damage at WMC and I cant seem to stop playing it.
Art Technocolor Wehbba Tronic 04/11/11 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Wehbba Remixed Peter Horrevorts Remix Tech House
Sean Place: Amazing remix of a brilliant artist. Progressive love.
Justin Schumacher: Pumpin filter disco. Can never get enough of it.
Art Tropical Melons 2000 And One Cocoon Recordings 05/06/11 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
11 Years Cocoon Recordings Selected Remix Works Paul Ritch Remix Techno
Justin Schumacher: Mr Ritch kills it on this remix. Super deep and heavy low end and frenzy synths blow the roof off this one!!
Justin Schumacher: Bangin groove tool from Technasia. Highly useful!!!