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Tech House (Los Angeles, US)

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Dec 2011 Top 10

choice tunes to end the year

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His unique blend of tough and gritty house with sexy techno hooks has helped him emerge from the depths of US scene. Sharing stages at some of the world's top events, Mark has brought his sound to some of the top venues all over the world. The native New Yorker has built a solid reputation among promoters and club-goers for his world-class mixing technique with the best, but not necessarily most well known tracks to the dance floor. His production and remix work has been featured on various labels worldwide: Adapt, Housepital and Stripped among others. Mark is currently working through a full production schedule with several new original tracks and various remix projects slated for release. With singles released in consecutive years during the Amsterdam Dance Event, Mark has been getting support from A-List DJs and Producers worldwide. His recent release "En Vivo" (a collaboration with Lars Van Dalen) is currently featured on Adapt Recordings' 5 Years of Techhouse Experience. "I have a definite appreciation for the history of this music and this culture. However, my music isn't intended as a soundtrack to a retrospective. It's about making people move today. This song, this moment, right now." -Mark Kane

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Tech House


Track Title Artists Label Release Date
Release Title Remix Genre Share
Art Every Minute Of It Mihalis Safras Remix Nick Olivetti Trapez LTD 12/23/11 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Check Hectic Guitar Tech House, Tribal House
The White Ladies: Mihalis Safras hit a home run on this remix. Driving tribal tech with a tight groove.
Mark Kane: A stomping tough house track
Mark Kane: another strong offering from the boys at Definitive
Art Deep In Thought Ross Evana Break New Soil Recordings 12/26/11 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Check Deep In Thought Ep Tech House, Tribal House
Mark Kane: Ross Evana returns with another winner
Jordan Vesteyo: chunky funk
Art African Kitchen Cihan Mareno & Danie Akasha Kaapro Rec 12/22/11 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Check African Kitchen EP Original Mix Tribal House, Tech House
Mark Kane: a deep percussive groove
Mark Kane: The boys from Great Stuff release another top track
Art Frakki J&S Project Prospect Records 12/28/11 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Check Divine Garden EP Kenny Ground Remix Tech House
Mark Kane: strong track by J&S project
Mark Kane: a nice bouncey techy number
Jordan Vesteyo: minimal goodness
Mark Kane: a low slung groove with a curious key driven melody
Aldo Hernandez: Sonic.Bounce.
Mark Kane: another wobbly track
Mark Kane: a pumping groove
Art Good Choice Rob Nutek RENU Productions 12/22/11 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Check Good Choice & This Song Original Mix Tech House, Tribal House
Mark Kane: Keep an eye on Mr. Nutek
Jordan Vesteyo: tough funky tech