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KASA REMIXOFF & Vadim Kasap 07/15/14
Electro House (Ukraine)
Vadim Kasap and he also Kasa Remixoff is Ukrainian producer of Electronic Sound. Love of music was present from birth. In 20... [More]
Dj Amhran 07/05/14
All (Boston, USA)
Dj Amhran started spinning due to an interest in electronic music beyond writing and performing it while in an industrial band. He started playing... [More]
Franck Matthews 06/14/14
House (Scottsdale, United States)
With 27 years behind him in the music industry, Arizona's own, Franck Matthews, is an extension of the highly successful Spyder of Cosmic Sea... [More]


Vision 06/04/14
Tech House (Ithaca, US)
Visions unique Tech-House sounds, set him apart from the crowd, Soulful samples, mixed with Tribal Tech Grooves keeps the party jumpin all night long! With ... [More]
Bill Kraemer 03/26/14
Techno (New York, US)
The enigmatic Dj Bill has been and underground monster for the better part of the last two decades. As a Dj he began to come into his own with th... [More]
Juan Del Reyes 04/16/14
All (Enschede, Netherlands)
Juan Del Reyes started at a young age with broadcasting at illegal broadcast stations in the Netherlands.
 With his show 'Only the B Side' he mad... [More]
Dj MtP 03/27/14
Drum & Bass (United States)
DJ Wes Rolan 03/26/14
Deep House (USA)
DJing since 1996. Wes plays a mixture of deep house, nu-disco, and house. Sometime touching on indie-dance and other genres, but always keeping it soulful and grooving with heavy bass lines and lofty vocals.
DJ DC_TEN 03/31/14
Techno (United States)
Born to the streets of Queens New York, Cristapher DC_Ten Cotter was first influenced by electronic music when stole his first mix tape from his cou... [More]
Broken.Zen 05/09/14
Dubstep (New York, US)
In 2005, A$hley began her DJing career spinning Jungle/Drum & Bass. Soon after, she joined with the crew RI-DNB and began playing out at ev... [More]
DJ Integrity 03/28/14
Hard Dance (USA)
According to Wikipedia, integrity is a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outco... [More]
Mark Kane 04/26/14
Tech House (Los Angeles, US)
His unique blend of tough and gritty house with sexy techno hooks has helped him quickly emerge from the depths of US scene. Sharing stages with th... [More]
DJ Donald Wilborn 02/16/14
Progressive (US)
With a strong musical background of hip hop, blues, rock, ‘80’s, techno, classical and ambient, Donald Wilborn’s passion for all genr... [More]
DJ Sway 01/03/14
House (USA)
I was introduced to music at a young age. I have played different instruments over the years and had never mastered one though. Keyboard and gui... [More]
Edward the Librarian 01/22/14
Drum & Bass (USA)
Virginia Junglist, with a mind set on education the masses on where Jungle/Drum & Bass came from and where its going. Member of: VA Pressure, Faction Digital Recordings, & Tribalistix
Spyder 11/05/13
Psy Trance (Scottsdale, US)
As an old soul, The Black Horseman’s reign of terror is widely recognized & highly respected from when he took the name Spyder in human form! Ridin... [More]
Kate!Rush 11/20/13
Bass Music (Providence, US)
I'm certain this bio is supposed to give you an idea of who I am. I dig bass music. I got my first taste at 18 & haven't looked back... [More]
Filthy Mank 11/05/13
House (Manchester, UK)
Chris Jackson, aka Filthy Mank, began his passion for musical discovery at a very early age after buying his first 12” from Manchester’s legendary Ea... [More]
DJ R3sizzer 10/14/13
Electro House (United Kingdom)
Edward Nyman was born in London, on June 13, 1979. Edward Nyman better known as R3sizzer or DJ R3sizzer. In 2013 R3sizzer released his first sing... [More]
Pinkie Tuscadero 10/19/13
House (USA)
Bronx Native, Pinkie Tuscadero's love for music has been evident since a young child listening to her mother's friend play 45's. As a teenager... [More]
MadelaineMusic 09/22/13
Electronica / IDM (USA)
I am an EDM producer and host to radio show "The MadCast" located in the USA. Please visit my website for more information about my music and radio show at www.madelaineonline.com Thanks!
O.F.I 09/26/13
House (Albany, US)
O.F.I. or Open For Interpretation has been rocking the dexs for the past 15+ years. He continues to move the crowd and not be stuck to 1 genre base... [More]
Ras Daws 12/10/13
Dubstep (USA)
RAS DAWS [Fresh Kid, Satellite Records, Bump The System] - Colorado A humble bassweight badman w/ the heart of a roaring lion!... [More]
Ted Ganung (DeeperVision) 12/23/13
Drum & Bass (United States )
NYC based DJ/Producer Ted Ganung blurs the lines between genres with a signature soulful sound influenced from tropical rhyt... [More]
DJ lingk 12/11/13
Techno (USA)
Lingk has been producing for a number of years and has put a strong focus on his talents for the past few years. Now he is making a name in the Detroit... [More]
DJ Transit Bot 12/23/13
All (USA)
Will Sides started producing music in 2003 as Sadlymad >:< with drum and bass , Glitch , and highly unearthed music. Then transforming in 2007 ... [More]
dj. Babel 12/21/13
Jungle (United States of America)
Babel started going to parties where EDM was played predominately in the late 90's. The first thing that he noticed was the artist , and how ... [More]
Lemar Soulflower 09/08/13
House (New York, US)
Lemar's involvement in the “NY Music Scene” dates back over a decade. Being a drummer since the age of 7, interest in all styles of musi... [More]