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DJ Muzaville And Possessed Soul - Wisdom Of Tribal DanceOriginal Mix

Release Cover Art
Soulful House (Original Release Date: 12/30/11)
1. Widsom Of The Tribal Dance (Original Mix) Soulful House
Archangel: This track will charm any crowd with its sweet chords and light key parts. The heavy-handed lyrics notwithstanding, I do actually like the vocal style. The bassline complements the lighter top elements with a feet-beating drive.
2. Wisdom Of The Tribal Dance (Giorgio Bassetti Remix) Soulful House
Markie Gee: Neck snapping South African house from hot item DJ Muzaville and Giorgio Bassetti. I thought this one was called Messiah, it is heavenly spoken word deep house!!!

Wisdom Of Tribal DanceOriginal Mix- Track List