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Groove Addix ft Stephy Lange - Geh Tiefer Deeper

Release Cover Art
Dutch House (Original Release Date: 01/16/12)
1. Geh Tiefer Deeper (Nimas Groove Remix) Dutch House
2. Geh Tiefer Deeper (Original) Dutch House
Markie Gee: Stephy Lange is bringing sexy back to house with this cognac-smooth slice of deep, mature house for those who like to get native on the dancefloor. Groove Addix are on a roll!!!
3. Geh Tiefer Deeper (Deepmilo Tech Tiefer Mix) Dutch House
4. Geh Tiefer Deeper (Berny's Laid Back Deepah Mix) Dutch House

Geh Tiefer Deeper- Track List