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Paul Oakenfold - DJ Box January 2012

Release Cover Art
Trance (Original Release Date: 01/06/12)
1. ResuRection (Paul Oakenfold Full On Fluoro Radio Edit) Trance
2. Close To You (Starkillers Butterfly Terrace Mix) Trance
3. Chandra (Ovnimoon Remix) Trance
4. Drunk On Dreams (Original Mix) Trance
5. Innocent Desire (Pure Mix) Trance
6. I'm Alive (Line Of Sight Remix) Trance
7. Forsheez (Eximinds Remix) Trance
8. Breakaway (Solarstone's Phuture Mix) Trance
9. Rendezvous (Orkidea Remix) Trance
10. Fake (Original Mix) Trance
11. Eivissa (Second Way Remix) Trance

DJ Box January 2012- Track List