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Girl Unit - Wut Claude Vonstroke Remix

Release Cover Art
Future Garage (Original Release Date: 06/27/11)
1. Wut Claude Vonstroke Remix (Undressed Mix) Future Garage
2. Wut Claude Vonstroke Remix (Butt Naked Mix) Future Garage
Scott Richmond: Claude Von Stroke is a sick man.... his shizz is always on the cutting edge... would love to hear this on the loudest system possible.
Jameson Just: Claude VonStroke has another bassbin destroyer with this track

More Info

We at Night Slugs were adamant: "no 'Wut' remixes". But when Claude Vonstroke comes knocking you let him in! Driven by CVS' own enthusiasm for Girl Unit's 2010 anthem, the Dirty Bird label boss submitted to us three different versions of his remix, each progressively more stripped down. All three transform 'Wut' from gleaming crunk anthem to bass-driven house hypertool, expanding on the raw big-room potential of the original. On this 12" we release two of the three versions. On side A Vonstroke's "Undressed" mix borrows Girl Unit's synth arrangements and vocal tics, keeping all the ecstasy and emotion of the original for its epic swells, which build up to huge cavernous drops of pitched Miami bass hits and clattering 808s. Quintessentially CVS, this is the sound of Night Slugs x Dirty Bird. On side AA is the "Butt Naked Mix" (title picked by Vonstroke in true DB style). This version relates to the original only in the most spectral sense, stripping away almost all of Girl Unit's stems and melodic elements. The result is a beautifully restrained rhythm track, a machine-like big-room dub that builds and drops so elegantly yet so devastatingly. The work of a true master!

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