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Red Alfa - Titania

Release Cover Art
Future Jungle, Bass Music (Original Release Date: 01/04/13)
1. Burn Future Jungle
2. Sentement Future Jungle
3. Passing Faze Jungle
Mizeyesis: Beautiful atmospheres & lush pads!!
4. Informant Future Jungle
5. Encharted Future Jungle
6. Benz Downtempo
7. Serenity Downtempo
8. Night Life Jungle
9. Delta Core Jungle
10. Launch Jungle
Mizeyesis: Nice bounce to this... I like the obscurity of the tune because of the mysterious and creepy pads, but to me, this is neat.
11. Filth Jungle
Mizeyesis: YES. YES. YES.
12. Titania Future Jungle

Titania- Track List