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Sinestro - Thank God I Have A Real Job EP

Release Cover Art
Techno, Acid Techno (Original Release Date: 02/01/13)
1. Thank God I Have A Real Job Techno
DJ Knowledge: SatelliteEDM Exclusive
2. Can You Feel The Acid Techno
Aaron Scott: Everybody needs some acid in their lives!
DJ Knowledge: Amazing exclusive

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"Thank God I Have a Real Job" Explores the underlying madness of a dystopian future where progress and production is everything and emotion is tossed aside as nothing more than a distraction to the prime directive of "Mandatory Consumption". Machine music that will ensure production increases for all sectors to comply to. Can You Feel the Acid Brings back that mid 90's midwestern acid vibe that The likes of Terry Mullan, Woody Mcbride, Derrick Carter, NIgel Richards, et all used to play that would ignite a party into overdrive. 2 seperate acid lines competing with each other for dominance while an old school House break sears itself into your hips.

Thank God I Have A Real Job EP- Track List